Mens Danceshoe CARLOS with Interchange-System

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Mens danceshoe CARLOS 149IC with removable/changeable soles by PORTEÑO & BAILARINA - with... more
Mens Danceshoe CARLOS with Interchange-System
Porteño & Bailarina

Mens danceshoe CARLOS 149IC with removable/changeable soles by PORTEÑO & BAILARINA - with Budapest decoration and split sole for high flexibility. Beige nappa with brown nubuck leather with vintage effect thanks to brush technology. 35 mm Microsoft heel cushions shocks and protects the joints, the split sole has a central area at the front which, depending on the nature of the floor, can be equipped with plain leather (outdoor), suede (on parquet) or rubber (for very slippery floors). The leather is soft, edges and tongue piece are padded, inserts are included and can also be bought separately.

In memory of Carlos Cobián (1896 - 1953) - as a pianist at 27 already known and popular in the nightlife of Buenos Aires, he travels because of a love letters of a cabaret singer to New York. When he entered the port with his one-way ticket, nothing awaited him, not even the singer. His fate was then to play tangos as an unknown for an audience that did not understand them. At that time the tango only became popular there thanks to rich Americans who brought it back from their trips to Paris and thought it was of French origin. Cobián left such wonderful tangos like "Nostalgias", "Shusheta" and "Los Mareados" ...


Calf Leather, brushed nubuk leather


35MCR - shockabsorbing


Splitted Interchangeable Soles - Leather / Rubber / Suede included

Style CASIMIRO - black & white
Style CASIMIRO - black & white Porteño & Bailarina
Interchangeable Frontsoles
€199.90 *
Style CASIMIRO - Intercambiabile Black
€199.90 *
BENITO - IC MAMBA Porteño & Bailarina
Soles changeable !!
€169.90 * €199.90 *
BENITO - IC CONGO Porteño & Bailarina
€169.90 * €199.90 *
Mens Danceshoe CARLOS with Interchange-System

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