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  • PB-964-MELA-35
Summer is coming !! - Tango Sling Sandal with a grippy suede sole and t-bar: ELADIA by Porteño... more
Porteño & Bailarina

Summer is coming !! - Tango Sling Sandal with a grippy suede sole and t-bar: ELADIA by Porteño & Bailarina - the popular danceshoe brand, that has found its way onto the dance floors in Buenos Aires. Soft but durable foaming between insole and dance soles, as well as plant-dyed leather are just a trademark of P & B - PASION POR LA DANZA. Here are beautiful colors at the beginning of the pleasant seasons. Model ELADIA (964) has a wider platform and is therefore very suitable for women with the same length of toes (or at least 3 equally long ones) as the sole is slightly wider at the front and the toes do not touch the floor - women are often seen with their big and small toes hanging over the sole edge - they are perfectly stored on this wider platform. Attention ! The shoe is therefore not an extremely wide fit. It is more a good medium fit. Here in a combination of soft nappa applegreen and forest-green - featuring a 80mm acrylic heel, dyed in matching colour.

Why ELADIA? With this model we remember another great woman: Eladia Blázquez, the tango poet and singer - born in 1931, she did not record her first tango until 1970 - so broke into this world of machismo when the tango in the late 1960s had its biggest Crisis. Even if we do not like that "put in the drawers" or "classifying", Eladia is placed in the tango section Tango Nuevo - none other than she gave lyrics to the famous Astor Piazzolla Tango ADIÒS NONINO and sang such wonderful Tangos as "Sueño de barrilete". She was even awarded as the Best Writer / Composer of the Decade in 1995 and 2005. The Argentine writer and actor César Tiempo once said of her, "It's a patinated melancholy of sarcasm, an unfulfilled longing that lingers eagerly in the hope of a small but sure happiness."

New Insole !!


Nappa Leather


80 mm

Dance Sole:



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