Duotone Ladies Vintage MALENA 266 - 50mm

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A closed variation in a vintage duotone look, 50 mm heel and suede sole. A nice model for tall... more
Duotone Ladies Vintage MALENA 266 - 50mm
Horus Italia

A closed variation in a vintage duotone look, 50 mm heel and suede sole. A nice model for tall women or as a practice version for the course. But also gladly bought for swing.

Why Malena? Tango lovers are usually not satisfied with the beauty of the lyrics or the musical content. If you are looking for the "Behind", the Tango is fed with stories and legends that are true in certain parts, but are also inspired by the imagination. With this model, we recall Malena de Toledo (stage name Elena Tortolero (1916-1969), a cabaret singer whom the poet Homero Manzi met on a trip to Mexico in 1941. The historians' opinions differ as to whether he likes the tango "Malena" for It is mentioned that Manzi immediately passed the text on to Lucio Demare, who forgot it in a pocket, and found it some time later and could hardly believe how much beauty and musicality the verses contained for fifteen minutes he composed the melody of this tango that everyone knows today. Regarding the "Manzi-Malena" relationship, it is clear that it inspired him. Manzi speaks of a brittle, hoarse voice with "shadows", like the cabaret singers they have. It was also known that they had a love story with Manzi, because he also had another tango ("Niguna") dedicated to her. The son of the poet, Acho Manzi, explains it perhaps most elegantly: his father would have had "stories" with several women from the world of art, but "Malena" was a fiction. But like every story, it has a trigger, this was Malena de Toledo, - but the heroine of the tango "Malena" is perhaps the poetic synthesis of all the women he loved ....


Lambnappa and Veloursleather


50 mm

Dance Soles:


Duotone Ladies Vintage MALENA 266 - 50mm

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